Gavin Otte



co-founder of Catalyst Nutrition

Gavin, another co-founder of Catalyst Nutrition, grew up in Rolla, MO where he played numerous sports throughout his years in school. He continued to play football in college at the University of Central Missouri, where he gained 30 pounds of muscle and became stronger and faster before transferring to walk-on at the University of Missouri. He worked to transform himself into a D-1 athlete and eventually started a few games, including the Citrus Bowl.


During his football career, he became very familiar with nutrition, supplements and ergogenic aids. He wanted to ensure that he supplied his body with the best nutrients and ingredients possible, which included buying individual ingredients to make his own pre-workout and intra-workout drinks. The work he put into being an athlete translated into a deep love for self-improvement.

He worked to transform himself into a D-1 athlete

Gavin believes the human body has an amazing ability to adapt to the stresses it’s put through. When training gets grueling and pushes someone past their previously self-imposed limits, they can take comfort in knowing what they’re doing today will make them that much stronger tomorrow. Knowing this inspires him to try to improve himself each and every day, and he hopes to inspire others to do the same. His mission at Catalyst is to give customers the best products and tools they need to turn their hard work into achieved goals.