A Newbie’s Guide to Cutting Fat – Losing 20lbs in 60 days (Without Cardio!)

A Newbie’s Guide to Cutting Fat – Losing 20lbs in 60 days (Without Cardio!)

Just Start! –

What’s more difficult than losing 20lbs in 60 days? STARTING. You’re down on yourself for not being in better shape. You make that classic excuse that you’ll “just start tomorrow.” And the biggest reason from my experience with losing weight, starting a new business, or developing a new skill, is that you don’t know where to start.

Real Results –

Hi! I’m Andrew. I’m your average 20-something, 8-5 salesman working in beautiful downtown Chicago. I had stubborn belly fat and chubby face. That is, until I changed my mindset, started dieting, and hitting the gym 5 days a week.

I’m here to provide you the essential mindset and diet that you can implement into your life in order to finally start losing that stubborn fat!

60% Mental/ 30% Diet/ 10% Exercise –

Mental (60%) –

Mentality is key when starting a new diet and/or exercise program (which includes new habits and life style changes). So, where do we start?


Step 1: Set a Goal

  • Set an arbitrarily goal weight. I chose to be at 165lbs in 60 days. So obviously, your goal does not have to be in depth or well thought out. You’ll figure out the HOW along the way. All that matters is that you have one and it’s obtainable (1-2lbs a week is the sweet spot).
    • Pro-tip: Post a “weight loss” calendar in an easily visible place in your room. Write your goal weight down on your chosen “end” date. Also, write your weekly goal weights down on the calendar, as well! This’ll serve as motivation for you to get your ass out of bed and hit the gym every single day.


Step 2: Install the Mindset of Progressive Overload

  • “Progressive overload requires a gradual increase in volume, intensity, frequency or time in order to achieve the targeted goal of the user.”
    • The only way you’re going to optimize your workouts, to lose fat and gain muscle is by, what I call, “using the progressive overload mantra” – increase volume, intensity, frequency, gradually over time. Every time you hit the gym, try to increase one of these variables, while holding the other variables consistent.
    • Pro-tip: When you’re lifting, running, jumping, really performaning any type of exercise and you “hit the wall,” think about progressive overload. When you’re exhausted and don’t want to do another set, that is when you must do it, as you’ll achieve the most gains in that state (obviously don’t push yourself to injury).


Step 3: Be Able to Say “No”

  • If you truly want to lose the weight, you’re going to have to start saying “no” to some parts of your current routine. EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT – as long as you’re getting enough protein per day and keep your calories under your maintenance level. WATCH AS MUCH TV AS YOU WANT – as long as you’re going to the gym. If you’re not, you must say “no” to certain foods and activities.


Diet (30%) –

What’s vastly more important than exercise when attempting to lose weight? Your diet. One of my favorite fitness quotes is, “You can’t out train your diet.” #TRU — So where do we start?


Step 1: Know the Basic Facts of Losing Weight

The ONLY way to lose fat and maintain/gain muscle, one must:

  • Be in a daily caloric deficit
    • If you take anything away from this article, remember this: the only way to lose weight is by being in a caloric deficit.
    • It is beneficial to figure out one’s daily maintenance caloric level (the amount of a calories one must consume to maintain their current weight). But how do I do that, Andrew?! More on this in the next step.
  • Consume .8g’s worth of protein per lb of body weight
    • There are a plethora of scientific studies out there on how much protein must be consumed daily to optimize your daily muscle gains. From everything I have read, .8g per lb of your body weight is the sweet spot. Hence, multiply your current weight by .8 and that is how many grams of protein you should be consuming on a daily basis.


Step 2: Download a Calorie Counting App

  • Calorie counting apps are super easy to use and keep you on track. Almost all of the most popular ones have an excise feature that arbitrarily counts how many calories you’ve burned, as well. I use MyFitnessPal, but there are other amazing calorie counting apps, such as LoseIt! and MyFitnessBuddy.
  • Wondering about that “calorie maintenance level” I mentioned in Step 1?  Your calorie maintenance level is different from everyone else’s. Experiment with your diet and exercise plan to find yours with precision. However, these apps will help you find a rough estimate and will give you a daily caloric consumption estimation so you can reach your goal on time!


Step 3: Know the Right Foods to Eat

  • YOU CAN EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT!…with a catch. As stated earlier, you must consume less calories than your daily caloric consumption goal and eat .8g of protein per lb of body weight to lose fat and maintain muscle. What are the best foods to eat to obtain your protein goal and have extra calories left over for a delicious Snicker’s Blizzard from Dairy Queen?
    • Low Calorie/ High Protein Food:
      • Skinless Chicken Breast
      • Tuna
      • Salmon
      • Eggs
      • Cottage Cheese
      • Protein Pancakes (don’t forget to use 0 calorie butter and syrup!)
      • Protein bars* (check the calories!)
      • Many, many more!
  • Pro-tip: Craving something sweet? Snag a tub of Halo Top ice cream and a can of Diet Root Beer and whip yourself up an absolutely delicious Root Beer Float with only 100 calories and 8g of protein!


Step 4: Supplement Your Diet

  • One of the biggest benefits of using supplements is the psychological component. In addition to their biological benefits, the money you spend on them is a huge motivator to get your ass off the couch and slug down that pre-workout and hit the gym. Buy those supplements – they’re vital to your success!
    • What supplements did I use and why?
      • Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein (Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor) I trust the Optimum Nutrition brand, however if Catalyst had a protein, I’d go with theirs, because…
      • Catalyst Nutrition Genesis Pre-Workout (Sweet Tart Flavor) – This is the most incredibly explosive pre-workout I’ve every tried! I used to down C4, but it never provide me with this type of energy, focus, and stamina throughout my workouts.
      • Catalyst Nutrition’s Amino Link BCAA Formula (Blue Lagoon Flavor) – BCAAs are A MUST, when cutting. They provide your muscle with continual nourishment and best of all, are typically 0 calories (Catalyst’s blend has 0 calories!)
      • Catalyst Nutrition’s Ignite (Fat Burner) – Fat burners are great to use! But they are there to increase the rate at which you lose weight, not do the whole job for you.
      • Fish Oil (Omega-3 Fatty Acid) – Fish oil has been proven to support healthy cholesterol levels, boost mood, and helps maintain strong bones. So, why are you not taking them?!
      • Multi-Vitamin – I used a generic Vitamin Shoppe Multi-Vitamin, which provided me with sustainable energy and ensured that I consumed all the micro-nutrience every day.


Exercise (10%) –

Step 1 and Only: Do What You Love!

  • Moving your body burns calories. Yes, there are certain exercises that you can do to burn more calories at a faster rate, like HIIT, but the most important thing is consistency. If you hate what you’re doing, you’re going to find excuses not to do it. Hence, just find THAT exercise routine that gets your ass to the gym!
  • Pro-tip: Don’t forget about Progressive Overload 😉


Just Start! –  

And it comes full circle. Set a goal to commit to for 60-90 days. Implement new diet and exercise habits and just start doing it! There will be tough stretches: times when you’re sick, injured, or when you feel like you’re not making any progress. When this happens, just trust the process! And trust me, when you start seeing results, your goal becomes an addiction.



By: Andrew Kroeze aka @KaptainKroeze (IG)

For additional tips or if you have any questions pertaining to this article, feel free to give me a shout at my personal email Kroeze.andrew@gmail.com

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