Do you sell your supplements in any retail stores?

Currently, we do not sell any of our supplements in any retail stores, but we’re working on it! To suggest a store where you’d like to shop for our products, please visit our Contact page.

Are there any openings to become a part of Team Catalyst?

We’re a growing company, so please don’t hesitate to let us know about your interest in joining our team. As any position opens, whether it be as an ambassador or an employee, we will be sure to make it known that we are looking. Inquiries submitted via our Contact page will be saved for review when positions become available.

How can I keep up to date with what Catalyst Nutrition is doing?

The best way to keep up with Catalyst Nutrition is by following us on Instagram at @CatalystNutrition or by liking our Facebook Page, Catalyst Nutrition.

How can I tell if a supplement is properly dosed?

Figuring out whether or not a supplement is properly dosed is not an easy task. Many companies like to hide their formulas behind proprietary blends so you can’t see the exact quantities of each ingredient. This makes it impossible to tell if the product is efficaciously dosed. There are many other factors that go into judging the effectiveness of a product, and if you’re having trouble deciding for yourself, we’re happy to help! Just send us a message on our Contact page

What is a proprietary blend?

A proprietary blend is something companies claim to use to protect their formula. We don’t use proprietary blends at Catalyst Nutrition because we know our customers can easily inform themselves of the best ingredients and proper dosages. We also think, most of the time, proprietary blends are really used for hiding from the consumer exactly what they’re buying.

What makes your products different from everyone else's?

The biggest difference between our products and everyone else’s is the motivation behind our formulations. We don’t formulate our products to make the biggest profit margin or use the newest, trendiest ingredients on the market. When we design our formulas, we’re only focusing on what will get you the best results and which ingredients will do the absolute best job to get you there.

How do you decide what the "best" ingredients are?

Choosing ingredients can be overwhelming, as there are hundreds out there that can have similar effects and are used for the same purposes. When we decide what the “best” ingredient is, we choose the one with the most scientific research behind it, so we know it’s been proven time and again to yield the highest results in its class. Sometimes, the seemingly best ingredients for a specific function can actually be made ineffective by other ingredients. In that case, we figure out how to replace that ingredient with another that will work more effectively with the rest of the formula, or we find a way to make the two ingredients work well together.

What if new research comes out on another ingredient, making it better than what you’re currently using?

You can rest assured that we’re constantly keeping up to date with new studies and we have our eyes on other ingredients to see what new research might prove about them. When that happens, we will re-formulate our product to fulfill our promise of using the best combination of ingredients.

How do I know if your products are safe for me to use? I have __________ condition.

If you have health concerns, we always recommend contacting your professional healthcare provider before taking any of our products. If there are ingredients in any of our supplements that commonly invoke certain side effects with various conditions, we list them on our labels.