Ethan Holcomb



co-founder of Catalyst Nutrition

Ethan, co-founder of Catalyst Nutrition, spends most of his time in the gym and the kitchen. He grew up in Hudson, OH just outside of Cleveland, and moved to Cape Girardeau, MO at age 14. He had a very successful athletic career at Notre Dame Regional High School and received many offers to run for D-1 schools, but had suffered so many injuries that he made the decision to focus solely on academics in college. Soon after beginning classes at St. Louis University, he started to miss his active lifestyle. Upon transferring to the University of Missouri in his sophomore year, he discovered Mizzou Rec and fell in love with weightlifting.


Through a process he describes as “a few hundred YouTube videos, a few hundred workouts with much bigger friends and countless hours of research on professional bodybuilders,” Ethan became knowledgeable in lifting and supplementation.

In his transformation from skinny 135-pound runner to 210-pound weightlifter, lifting became more than just a hobby.

lifting became more than just a hobby.

Inspired by his childhood dream of becoming a physician and his love for weight training, helping people and learning about how the human body works, Ethan and his friends began focusing on how to create supplements that could actually do what they were meant to do.


Now, Ethan spends his time researching new ways to help Catalyst Nutrition and its customers grow. He tries to balance this obsession with “normal” activities like working out, eating well and spending time with his girlfriend, friends and dog.